Superfosfate 4 kg

Superphosphate or phosphorus fertilizer has a positive effect on root development, helps fruits ripen on time, fruits and vegetables grow stronger and bigger and have better taste properties.


The fertilizer is used to fertilize flowers, cabbage, turnips, beets, celery, leeks, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, peas, beans, potatoes, strawberries, raspberries, roses, fruit trees, berry bushes and cereals. Potatoes, maize, tomatoes, apple trees and blackcurrant bushes are the most sensitive to phosphorus deficiency. 1 kg= 33 m².


2 kg

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Weight 4,04 kg
Dimensions 45 × 22 × 8 cm
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BALTIC AGRO Superfosfate 4 kg

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Point of sales

Ehituse ABC Tallinn, Peterburi

Peterburi tee 71, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia


Ehituse ABC Jõhvi

Tartu maantee 14, 41538 Jõhvi, Estonia


Ehituse ABC Narva, Fama

Fama põik 10, 20303 Narva, Estonia


Ehituse ABC Narva, Rahu

Rahu 4, 21004 Narva, Estonia


Ehituse ABC Rakvere

Võidu 93, 44312 Rakvere, Estonia


Ehituse ABC Tallinn, Kadaka

Kadaka tee 65, 12915 Tallinn, Estonia


Ehituse ABC Tallinn, Pärnu mnt

Pärnu maantee 186, 11314 Tallinn, Estonia


Ehituse ABC Tartu

Kalda tee 3, 50703 Tartu, Estonia


Espak Tallinn

Viadukti 42, 11313 Tallinn, Estonia


Espak Keila

Põhjakaare 3, 76610 Keila, Estonia


Espak Narva

Rahu 36a, 20604 Narva, Estonia


Juhani Puukool Jõhvi

A. H. Tammsaare 55, 41533 Jõhvi, Estonia


Juhani Puukool Märja

Karja tee 1, 61406 Õssu, Estonia




























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