Sunflower seeds for birds 10 kg

The mixture contains the most important nutrients that our garden and wild birds need during the winter time. Winter supplementation is important for small garden and forest birds and increases the chances of survival of many birds, especially in severe cold winters!


Suitable for winter garden and forest birds for winter supplementation. NB! If you have already started feeding birds, be sure to continue until spring, as birds accustomed to supplementary feeding may die in the absence of food.


2 kg

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Weight 10,075 kg
Dimensions 36 × 56 × 10 cm
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BALTIC AGRO Sunflower seeds for birds 10 kg

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Point of sales

Ehituse ABC Tallinn, Peterburi

Peterburi tee 71, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia


K-rauta Tondi

A. H. Tammsaare tee 49, 11316 Tallinn, Estonia


K-rauta Haabersti

Paldiski maantee 108a, 13517 Tallinn, Estonia


K-rauta Tartu

Riia 140e, 51014 Tartu, Estonia


K-rauta Pärnu

Papiniidu 2a, 80042 Pärnu, Estonia


K-rauta Rakvere

Haljala tee 4, 44415 Tõrremäe, Estonia


K-rauta Kuressaare

Tallinna maantee 88, 80043 Pärnu, Estonia


K-rauta Võru

Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwaldi 89, 65604 Võru, Estonia


K-rauta Valga

Tartu 84, 68208 Valga, Estonia


Ehituse ABC Pärnu

Riia maantee 108b, 80042 Pärnu, Estonia


Ehituse ABC Tallinn, Pärnu mnt

Pärnu maantee 186, 11314 Tallinn, Estonia


Espak Tallinn

Viadukti 42, 11313 Tallinn, Estonia


Espak Muhu

Piiri, Saare maakond Piiri, Estonia


Espak Viljandi

Reinu tee 35, 71020 Viljandi, Estonia


Espak Rapla

Tallinna maantee 3b, 79513 Rapla, Estonia


Handymann Laagri

Pärnu maantee 558a, 76401 Laagri, Estonia


Handymann Tartu

Ringtee 73, 51014 Tartu, Estonia


Handymann Pärnu

Papiniidu 5, 80042 Pärnu, Estonia


Handymann Viljandi

Kivi 4, 71013 Viljandi, Estonia


Handymann Võru

Kooli 2, 65606 Võru, Estonia





















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