Strawberry Fertilizer 1 kg

This fertilizer is suitable for fertilizing strawberries and other berry crops. Promotes flowering and fruiting, increases yields and prolongs the fruiting period. Rich in potassium that promotes fruit growth and strengthens plants, accelerates fruit ripening, intensifies aroma and increases plant frost resistance and disease resistance.


Fertilize twice during the season: I fertilization in spring (end of April-beginning of April), II fertilization immediately after harvest. Spread the fertilizer around the plant, mix the soil and then water the plants. From mid-August, fertilize the plants with autumn fertilizer. When planting strawberry plants as basic fertilizer to 50 g / m², mix the soil before or during planting. Fertilization during growth 8-10 g (1 teaspoon) per plant. 1 kg = 25 m².


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BALTIC AGRO Strawberry Fertilizer 1 kg box

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