Strawberries and Berries Eco Fertilizer

An environmentally friendly fertilizer with an even and lasting effect. Balanced fertilization promotes flowering, fruiting, increases yields and prolongs the fruiting period. Potassium accelerates fruit ripening, increases plant frost resistance and disease resistance. Organics improve soil fertility and stimulate the activity of soil organisms. Does not contain chemical additives.


When planting strawberry plants 80 g/m². Currants, raspberries, gooseberries, sea buckthorn, chokeberry – 90-160 g/m².


2 kg

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Weight 1,037 kg
Dimensions 5 × 14,5 × 24,5 cm
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BALTIC AGRO Ecological Fertilizer for Strawberries and Berries 1 kg

Point of sales

Point of sales

K-rauta Tartu

Riia 140e, 51014 Tartu, Estonia


Ehituse ABC Haapsalu

Tallinna maantee 81, 90401 Uuemõisa, Estonia


Ehituse ABC Jõhvi

Tartu maantee 14, 41538 Jõhvi, Estonia


Espak Tallinn

Viadukti 42, 11313 Tallinn, Estonia


Espak Võru

Kubja tee 36, 65603 Võlsi, Estonia


Juhani Puukool Jõhvi

A. H. Tammsaare 55, 41533 Jõhvi, Estonia



































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