Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser 10 kg

Slow Release Lawn fertilizer for 3-4 months is long-acting granular fertilizer. Slow Release Lawn Fertilizer with Slow release nitrogen and other minerals is the granulated complete fertilizer for spring and summer in one application. Slowly dissolving nitrogen is degraded by soil microorganisms, ensuring a gradual dissolution of nitrogen. Makes the root system of grass plants stronger and the lawn resistant to diseases, drought and moss.


Apply from March-July. Best is to apply in early spring to benefit for the 12–16 weeks and it is recommended applying on cooler evenings or overcast days. Apply long release fertilizer at the recommended rate 10 kg = 500 m² by hand when wearing a glove or by using a spreader. Water the fertilizer in until it dissolves: not watering your lawn can scorch grass and delay the benefits of the fertilizer. Water lawn sufficiently after application until fertilizer granules are not be visible. If you are looking for instant results from a fast-acting fertilizer over a shorter period of time, you may wish to consider Baltic Agro Muruväetis or special fertilizers for Spring, Summer and Autumn. If you are planning to overseed or sow a new lawn, you can do so after the fertilizer granules have dissolved. Use March to July. Sowing Rate 20-30 g per m².


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BALTIC AGRO Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser for 3-4 month

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