Root Feeding Liquid Fertlizer 1 l

Natural humic and fulvic acid concentrate is a soil improver, which activates the soil biota (beneficial microorganisms). Nutrients in the soil (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.) become more readily available to plants. The structure of the soil improves – aeration, water holding capacity. Due to this, the plants develop a strong root system with many narrow roots, through which the plants absorb water and the necessary nutrients well. It is particularly suitable for watering when transplanting plants in order to alleviate the growth stress that inevitably accompanies transplanting. In the spring, it stimulates both the perennials in the garden and the lawn. When added to irrigation water during summer droughts, it acts as a biostimulator, helping plants to continue to grow under adverse conditions. Suitable for pre-planting processing of planting material (soaking plants, potato tubers).


Pre-planting (working solution concentration 1%) – dissolve 2 teaspoons of fertilizer in 1 l of water. Preparation of seeds before planting, soaking (concentration of working solution 5%) – dissolve 10 teaspoons of fertilizer in 1 l of water. Post-planting fertilization on the soil surface (concentration of working solution 5%) – dissolve 10 teaspoons of fertilizer in 1 l of water. Lawns, in early spring and after each mowing for a period of 10-15 days (working solution concentration 1%) – dissolve 100 ml of fertilizer in 10 l of water.


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Weight 1,125 kg
Dimensions 8,3 × 8,3 × 24 cm
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BALTIC AGRO Root Feeding Liquid Eco Fertlizer 1 l


Composition *: water, minimum total humic extracts 48% ** (fulvic acids at least 18%); macro- and microelements (N – 0.2%, P – 0.5%, K – 0.3%) * All ingredients of the product are contained in natural unaltered peat, including probiotics. ** In the dry matter.

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