“Stop Spanish Tea Snail” 500ml

Fast-acting solution for immediate use. Mechanical effect on slugs. Designed for regular consumers and professional use. Shake before use.


In the wild, spray 1-2 sprays directly on the slug from a height of 3-10 cm. Make sure that the wind does not blow the mixture away from the target. After being hit, the slug’s mucus layer turns white and it dies within a few seconds. Then the decomposition process begins immediately, as a result of which the snail turns into a small black formation, which can be disposed of or left to decompose in nature if desired. Treat as household waste. It is recommended to use protective gloves when spraying. STORAGE Store the liquid in a closed container at room temperature, away from the sun and out of the reach of children.


3 ml

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Weight 0,542 kg
Dimensions 6,3 × 6,3 × 24 cm
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BALTIC AGRO "Stop Spanish Tea Snail"

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Point of sales

Espak Keila

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