Great cover crop, decorative and honey plant. Phacelia does not have common diseases with the most common crops and therefore fits well into crop rotations. It is grown as an intercrop to improve soil fertility. Additionally, it offers strong competition to weeds. The plant has an ability to make phosphorus that cannot otherwise be absorbed by other plants available. If the seeds are sown after the early main crops have matured, the plant will still be able to flower. If it is cultivated as a honey plant, the seeds must be sown in spring. Its honey productivity is 150-300 kg/ha. Phacelia honey is rated to be equal to linden honey. Phacelia is also grown as a decorative plant.


Sowing rate is 100–120 g/100 m²; if it is grown for silo, then 150 g/100 m². It is sown from April onwards. The sowing depth is 1-2 cm. It is an annual plant. The height of the plant is approximately 60 cm.


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