Peanuts for birds and squirrels 500 g

Nuts are a necessary energy-rich supplement for birds and squirrels in cold weather.


NB! If you have already started feeding birds, be sure to continue until spring, as birds accustomed to supplementary feeding may die in the absence of food.


1 g

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BALTIC AGRO Peanuts for birds and squirrels 500 g

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Point of sales

Mustamäe Bauhof

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J. Smuuli tee 41, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia


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Põlluvahe 2, 93876 Kuressaare, Estonia


Tartu Bauhof

Ringtee 69, 51014 Räni, Estonia


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Reinu tee 29a, 71020 Viljandi, Estonia


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Viljandi 80a, 68205 Valga, Estonia


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Pärnu maantee 558, 76401 Laagri, Estonia


Keila Bauhof

Paldiski maantee 35, 76606 Keila, Estonia


Espak Tallinn

Viadukti 42, 11313 Tallinn, Estonia


Handymann Laagri

Pärnu maantee 558a, 76401 Laagri, Estonia


Handymann Tartu

Ringtee 73, 51014 Tartu, Estonia


Handymann Pärnu

Papiniidu 5, 80042 Pärnu, Estonia


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Kivi 4, 71013 Viljandi, Estonia


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Kooli 2, 65606 Võru, Estonia























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