Orchids Liquid Fertilizer 500 ml

Special mineral fertilizer for supplying nutrients to orchids, especially moonshoes. Fast-acting water-soluble complete fertilizer with microelements for year-round irrigation of all orchid species. The fertilizer has a balanced composition and contains all the essential nutrients important to plants in a suitable ratio. Activates flowering, orchid flowers are lush and bright floral. The plants bloom long and abundantly and are healthy.


Dip or soak the root part of the plants together with the pot for 15 minutes in the fertilizer solution. It is recommended to use rainwater or boiled lukewarm water to prepare the irrigation solution. During the growing season fertilize 2-3 times a month, in winter (from October to March) 1-2 times a month. Dissolve a quarter of a bottle of liquid fertilizer in 1 liter of water (20 ml or 1 capful of 5 l of water).


3 ml

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BALTIC AGRO Orchids Liquid Fertilizer 500 ml

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