Orchids Fertilizer Spikes

Orchid fertilizer sticks are a special mineral fertilizer for supplying nutrients to orchids, especially moonshoes. Fertilizer sticks stimulate plant growth and the formation of flower buds, ensuring a long flowering time. The nutrients are in a slowly soluble form, which allows the plants to absorb them gradually as needed. Therefore, there is no fear of over-fertilization.


Measure the diameter of the pot. Depending on the diameter of the pot (see table), take the required number of sticks from the pack and, if necessary, break them into several pieces. Press the sticks between the plant and the edge of the pot into the soil. Dip lightly. Replace sticks as needed after three months. For especially salt-sensitive orchid species (eg milthony, beautiful golden shoe), reduce the number of sticks by half. Fertilize the orchids during active growth (flowering or growing new shoots, leaves and roots).


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BALTIC AGRO Orchids Fertilizer Spikes 20 pcs

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