Hydrangea Fertilizer 1 kg

Hydrangea fertilizer is a high-quality complete fertilizer containing microelements, suitable for fertilizing all types of hydrangeas. Nitrogen strengthens the intense green color of the leaves, as well as improves the lush growth of the plant. The potassium contained in the fertilizer promotes the formation of large inflorescences and also ensures longer inflorescence stability in the bush. Phosphorus increases the resistance of plants to drought, frostbite and diseases.


Fertilize with hydrangea fertilizer twice a season: in spring and summer. Sprinkle the fertilizer evenly around the plant and mix the soil, then water. From August to September fertilize the plants with Baltic Agro autumn garden fertilizer. CONSUMPTION RATES: 40-60 g / m², ie one handful for a young plant or two handfuls for an adult plant. 40 g = about a handful. NB! Hydrangeas are sensitive to over-fertilization. Do not exceed the recommended amounts.


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BALTIC AGRO Hydrangea Fertilizer 1 kg box

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