Granulated Lime 500 kg

Granulated garden and lawn lime is a fast-acting, highly active granulated chalk flour used to reduce the acidity of mineral soils and lawns and to eliminate calcium deficiency in plants. As a result of the addition of lime, the pH of the soil rises, the solubility of nutrients improves and the activity of soil microorganisms recovers. Liming inhibits the growth of moss in the grass.


Use all year round. Lime can be sown on the soil (or grass) or mixed into the soil. Suitable pH levels for crops: pH 6-7: open cucumber, tomato, onion, pea, cabbage, turnip, bean, carrot, beetroot, leek, rhubarb, tulip bulbs; pH 6-6.6: strawberries, berries, fruit trees, ornamentals, potatoes; pH 5.5-6.5: crumbs. Application rate: When building a garden or planting plants, mix the soil with 25 kg / 250 m². Every year the soil surface is 25 kg / 500 m².


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BALTIC AGRO Granulated Lime 500 kg

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