Glue Trap for Indoor and Greenhouse

The butterfly-shaped leaves covered with a transparent adhesive, which do not contain chemical active ingredients, are intended for plant protection. The yellow color of the glue trap attracts insects, and when they come in contact with it, the pests stick to the trap.


Insect glue traps are used to catch pests such as aphids, pit moths, apple borers, green house beetles, ciliates, etc. on various plants in the home and garden. The trap is inserted into the soil and the cover is removed from the part covered with glue. If the glue trap is full of pests, replace it with a new one. For effective pest control, place the traps evenly on the plants.


7 pcs

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Weight 0,11 kg
Dimensions 0,5 × 12 × 16,6 cm
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BALTIC AGRO Glue Trap for Indoor and Greenhouse 10 pcs

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Point of sales

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