Garden Iron sulfate

Spraying with a solution of iron sulfate in early spring before bud break repels apple and pear scab, fruit rot, leaf spot on fruit trees and berry bushes, gooseberry powdery mildew, currant felt rust, gooseberry blight, rose powdery mildew, rose rust. Ferrous sulfate kills mosses and lichens well on both tree trunks and grass.


To spray fruit trees and berry bushes, prepare a 3-5% solution of ferrous sulphate (300-500 g dissolved in 10 liters of water), sprayed in early spring or late autumn. It is good to apply the stem bleach containing ferrous sulphate to the trees immediately after the detection of the disease or also prophylactically. Lawn spraying. To care for moss grass, fine granules of ferrous sulphate are sown on a 5 kg 500 m² surface or dissolved in water at a rate of 200 g per 10 l of water and immersed in a 20 m² lawn. Shelf life: April to October as needed. It is not recommended for use during droughts and rainy seasons.


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BALTIC AGRO Garden Iron sulfate 300 g

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