Garden Fertilizer for Autumn 7,5 kg

Autumn garden fertilizer makes garden plants and lawn more resistant to winter cold and diseases. In addition, fertilization prepares the plants for next year’s growth, flowering and crop formation. The phosphorus and potassium contained in the autumn fertilizer are important for good wintering of plants, woody shoots, as well as for seed germination, flower and fruit formation.


Lawn 4 kg / 150 m². Ornamental trees, shrubs, hedge plants 50-70 g / m². Conifers, rocky plants 40 g / m². Perennials 30-50 g / m². Roses 50-60 g / m². Rhododendrons 50-60 g / m². Strawberries, raspberries 4 kg / 100 m². Currants, gooseberries 40-50 g / m² (80-125 g / bush). Fruit trees 80 g / m². When fertilizing, take into account the type of soil and the fertilization needs of the plants. Do not exceed the recommended use limits.


2 kg

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Weight 7,54 kg
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BALTIC AGRO Garden Fertilizer for Autumn 7,5 kg

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