Garden Copper Sulfate

Copper plays a very important role in photosynthesis and for plant stem strength in lignin synthesis, prevents and alleviates copper deficiency in plants. Copper strengthens the vitality and fertility of pollen, ie increases the yield of the plant. When copper-deficient plants are fertilized with copper sulphate, they become stronger, more resistant to unfavorable growing conditions and diseases (patches, rot, etc.). In the absence of copper, the shoots of the plant deform, but the young plants hardly grow, the plants become delicate, the yield is small, the leaves fall off.


Used in sprays or watering when the soil and fruit trees, berry bushes and vegetables, especially tomatoes and cucumbers, lack copper. For microelement fertilization of vegetable plants in greenhouses and outdoors 40 g / 10 l of water. For spraying of fruit trees, berry bushes and ornamental plants – fruit trees, berry bushes before bud burst and / or in late autumn after harvest, so that the plants become stronger in 100 g / 10 l of water against unfavorable growing conditions and diseases. NB Do not use a metal container or metal spoon when preparing the spray or watering solution. Use a plastic mixing bowl and a plastic / wooden mixer to prepare the solution. Copper sulphate contains 24.9% copper (Cu). Use only if identified. Do not exceed the recommended amounts. Read instructions for use and use personal protective equipment before use.


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BALTIC AGRO Garden Copper Sulfate 300 g

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