Garden and Lawn Lime Granulated 10 kg

The use of granulated garden and lawn grass increases the pH of the soil, improves the solubility of nutrients and stimulates the activity of soil microorganisms. The content of calcium and magnesium in the soil also increases. Liming inhibits the growth of moss in the grass.


Lime can be sown on the soil (or grass) or mixed into the soil. PH LEVELS SUITABLE FOR CROPS: pH 6-7 – open cucumber, tomato, onion, pea, cabbage, turnip, bean, carrot, beetroot, leek, rhubarb, tulip bulbs; pH 6-6.5 – strawberries, berries, fruit trees, ornamentals, potatoes; pH 5.5-6.5 grasses. APPLICATION RATE: When building a garden or planting plants, mix the soil with 25 kg / 250 m². Each year 25 kg / 500 m² on the soil surface.


2 kg

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Weight 10,02 kg
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BALTIC AGRO Garden and Lawn Lime Granulated 10 kg

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