Garden and Lawn Lime 10 kg

Limestone flour is an environmentally friendly Estonian product. Limestone flour is used to reduce the acidity of mineral soil, grass or peat. As a result of the addition of limestone flour, the pH of the soil rises, the solubility of nutrients improves and the activity of soil microorganisms recovers. The content of calcium and magnesium in the soil also increases. Liming inhibits the growth of moss on the lawn.


Use from early spring to late autumn. Lime can be applied to the soil (or grass) or mixed into the soil. Suitable pH levels for crops: pH 6-7 – open field cucumber, tomato, onion, pea, cabbage, turnip, bean, carrot, beetroot, leek, rhubarb, tulip bulbs; pH 6-6.5 – strawberries, berries, fruit trees, ornamentals, potatoes; pH 5.5-6.5 grasses. Usage: 8 kg / 100 m² per year on the soil surface. When building a garden or planting plants, mix the soil with 30-80 kg/100 m². 1 m³ to neutralize the acidity of peat bog, about 6 kg of limestone flour is needed.


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BALTIC AGRO Garden and Lawn Lime 10 kg

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