Flower seeds “Wild Nature”

Flower seed mixture of annual and perennial marigolds. Height up to 120 cm. Attracts bees and beneficial insects.


Annual and perennial semi-tall flowers are good for making a natural flower loop. The colorful flower islands delight throughout the summer and into the following year as well. Beneficial insects such as bees, bumblebees and butterflies love the pollen and nectar of marigolds. IN THE GROWING AREA. The flower seed mixture is suitable for a humus-rich, sunny to semi-shaded growing area. Carefully prepare the sowing area and spread the mixture evenly on the surface. Rake 1-2 cm deep into the soil. Press down the soil surface and keep the surface moist. Seeds germinate at different rates. Protect the seedbed from birds. To achieve a beautiful result, follow the recommended seeding rate on the package. In the spring after emergence, remove overly dense plants to allow individual plants to develop better. One pack is enough to cover 100 m². Germinates in 14-21 days at least at 12°C.


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BALTIC AGRO Flower seeds "Wild Nature" 100 g


KOOSTIS Suviadoonis Adonis aestivalis, rukkilill Centaurea cyanus, aed põisrohi Silene armeria, mets-kassinaeris Malva sylvestris, harilik öölill Hesperis matronalis, aedtill Anethum graveolens, suureõieline priimula Oenothera lamarckiana.

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