Flower seeds “Tempo FlowerSea”

One-year flower seed mixture with contrasting colors from the professional series of long-blooming flowers, height 50-60 cm. Attracts bees and beneficial insects. The package contains 40 g of flower seeds and vermiculite to facilitate sowing.


A semi-tall, variegated flower seed mix starts blooming 40-50 days after sowing and blooms for several months. Sow in April-May in a sunny place, in soil rich in humus and nutrients and well permeable to water. Also suitable for dry soil. In the spring after emergence, remove overly dense plants to allow individual plants to develop better. The package is enough to cover 30 m². Sow at 3-5 g/m². Germinates in 7-14 days at 15-20°C. The flower seed mixture is suitable for a humus-rich, but also a dry and sunny place of growth. The package contains 40 g of flower seeds and added vermiculite to facilitate even sowing. Mix the seeds well with vermiculite before sowing. To do this, shake the package vigorously. Prepare the sowing area and spread the mixture evenly on the surface. Rake 1-2 cm deep into the soil. Press down the soil surface and keep the surface moist. Seeds germinate at different rates. Protect the seedbed from birds. To achieve a beautiful result, follow the recommended seeding rate on the package.


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BALTIC AGRO Flower seeds "Tempo FlowerSea" 130 g


Koostis: kilbrirohi Alyssum, rukkilill, moon, neiusilm, teksase näsaseemnik cosmidium, hariklik kosmoslill, California moon, kipslill, punane lina, saialill.

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