Flower lawn seeds “Insects Paradise”

Flower seed mix “Insects paradise” professional quality mix of annual and perennial seeds. Attracts insects and bees. The flower mix “Insects Paradise” is a semi-tall, very flowery seed mix that is a food source for many insects and thus attracts other animals such as hedgehogs and birds to the garden.


Sow in April-May in a sunny place, in soil rich in humus and nutrients and well permeable to water. In the spring after emergence, remove overly dense plants to allow individual plants to develop better. After the mixture has fully bloomed in late fall, the area should be mowed. Before mowing, remove the seeds from the flowering plants and scatter them in the soil. All this is a prerequisite for lush flowering in the following years. Height 50-80 cm. Pro series selection. 130 g is enough to sow 30 m².


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BALTIC AGRO Flower lawn seeds "Insects Paradise" 130 g


Flower mixture "Insect Paradise" is a mixture of annual and perennial seeds of professional quality: raudrohi, saialill, rukkilill, kuldlakk, kakar, habenelk, ussikeel, kalifronia läänemagun, ibeeris, suureõieline lina, püsiklina, lupiin, vürtsbasiilik, kukemagun.

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