Flower Lawn Seed Mix “Flower Meadow”

Kiepenkerl Flower Lawn Seed Mix is a very diverse mixture of grasses, herbs and flowers. Not only beautiful to look at, but also a valuable habitat and an important food source for many beneficial insects. Needs little maintenance.


Needs little maintenance. The flower mix is ​​suitable for a humus-rich and sunny or semi-shaded place of growth. Prepare the sowing area and spread the mixture evenly on the surface. Rake 1-2 cm deep into the soil. Press down the soil surface and keep the surface moist. Seeds germinate at different rates. Protect the seedbed from birds. To achieve a beautiful result, follow the recommended seeding rate on the package. 1 kg = 100 m².


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Weight 1,025 kg
Dimensions 11 × 14 × 30 cm
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BALTIC AGRO Flower Lawn Seed Mixture "Flower Meadow" 1 kg


Kiepenkerl Flower Lawn Seed Mix 1 kg: 4,5% 4,5% Glatthafer Arone, 2% Dactulis glomerata Loke, 8% Festuca trichophylla Euromarie); 1% Medicago lupulina "Virgo Pajberg"; 1% Onobrychis viciofolia "Ambra"; 0,5% Trifolium incarnatum "Kardinal"; 1% Agrostis capillaris "Highland"; 1% Agrostis capillaris "MacKanzie" (harilik kastehein "MacKanzie"); 20% Poa pratensis "Blue Note"; 1% Poa nem. "Enhary"; 0,5% Lotus corniculatus "Bull"; 15% Festuca rubra commutata "Casanova"; 15% Festuca trachyphylla "Bornito"; 18,3% wild flowers and herbs, 4% Festuca Rubra "Dieper"; 5% Jahrige rispe; 1% kammgras, 15% Festuca ovina "Mentor", 1,5% Bokharaklee. Pakend 1 kg.

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