Ecological Fertilizer for Conifers

An environmentally friendly fertilizer with an even and lasting effect. Balanced fertilization promotes growth and strengthens plants. The magnesium in the fertilizer, which is present in the chlorophyll, significantly affects the green color of the needles. Organics improve soil fertility and stimulate the activity of beneficial soil organisms, which help conifers to better absorb nutrients from the soil. Does not contain chemical additives.


60-90 g/m² or 2 handfuls for a young plant or 3 handfuls for an adult plant. For irrigation water, dilute 150 g of granules in 10 l of water. 30 g ≈ handful.


2 kg

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Weight 1,037 kg
Dimensions 5 × 14,5 × 24,5 cm
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BALTIC AGRO Ecological Fertilizer for Conifers 1 kg

Point of sales

Point of sales

K-rauta Kuressaare

Tallinna maantee 88, 80043 Pärnu, Estonia


K-rauta Tondi

A. H. Tammsaare tee 49, 11316 Tallinn, Estonia







































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