Cucumber Water Soluble Fertilizer

Fast-acting water-soluble complete fertilizer with micro-nutrients for greenhouse and open-air cucumbers. Fertilization improves plant growth, ensures abundant flowering and high yields. High potassium content ensures large and juicy fruits. Balanced-fed plants have good resistance to pests and fungal diseases.


Dissolve 1 heaped measuring spoon * of fertilizer with 5 l of water two times a week or 2 heaped measuring spoons of fertilizer with 5 l of water once a week. Every third watering is advisable to water with 0.1% calcium nitrate solution. When fertilizing through leaves, spray with 0.5% solution in 1 heap spoon / 1 l of water. When spraying, avoid hot, sunny weather and spray in cloudy weather, in the morning or evening. *There is a measuring spoon in the bucket. 1 heaping measuring spoonful of fertilizer = 2 g. 300 g is sufficient for 600 liters of water.


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BALTIC AGRO Cucumber Water Soluble Fertilizer 300 g

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