Blueberry Water Soluble Fertilizer

Fast-acting watersoluble micronutrient complete fertilizer for blueberries, wild berries, rhododendrons, mountain pines, heathers, etc. Plants absorb nutrients from the fertilizer very easily, as the fertilizer has a balanced composition and contains microelements in a well-absorbed form. Promotes flowering and fruiting, increases yields and prolongs the fruiting period. It is rich in potassium that promotes fruit growth and strengthens plants, accelerates fruit ripening, intensifies the aroma and increases the plants’ resistance to frost and resistance to diseases.


Dissolve 2 heaped measuring spoons* of fertilizer with 5 l of water once a week. It is recommended to use the fertilizer from the time of flowering until the beginning of the harvest. *There is a measuring spoon in the bucket. 1 heaping measuring spoonful of fertilizer = 2 g. 300 g is sufficient for 600 l of water.


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BALTIC AGRO Blueberry Water Soluble Fertilizer 300 g

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