Anti Roots Weed Control Mat 0,65 x 25 m

The root barrier is a special rigid two-layer material laminated on one side, which is an effective solution for barrier roots. This material does not rot, but offers excellent protection against fungal diseases and fungi, and is resistant to acids or bases in the ground. Depending on the place of use, it lasts 5-6 years. Root barrier is easily used for root-spreading plants such as raspberries, rose hips (roses), lilacs, pamphlets, Jerusalem artichokes, peppermint, irises, Sakhalin fleas, Canada and autumn golden plovers, in a neighboring garden, lawn, or other unwanted place. It is very suitable for preventing lateral spreading of roots of trees – cherries, plums, wounds, alders, legs, etc. near buildings, on footpaths, bicycle paths, etc. and when building a peat garden.


Dig a planting hole or ditch of the required size. Clean the planting hole or ditch of roots, stones and unnecessary soil. Place the root barrier smooth in the planting hole or ditch, the laminated surface should be placed towards the plant whose roots you want to prevent from spreading. Secure with the double-sided tape on the edge of the fabric roll. Leave a small edge (approx. 2 cm) above the ground to prevent the roots from spreading through the ground.


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BALTIC AGRO Anti Roots Weed Control Mat 0,65 x 25 m

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