Ammonium Saltpeter+S 4 kg

Concentrated pure mineral fertilizer. Good fertilization results are achieved due to the good solubility of the fertilizer. If the plants do not get enough nitrogen, their growth will be slowed down and the leaves will turn yellow. Cabbages, apple and plum trees, blackcurrants and grass are particularly sensitive to nitrogen deficiency.


To fertilize seedlings, dissolve one teaspoon in 10 l of water, 1 tablespoon for adult plants. It is recommended to fertilize tomatoes and cucumbers every 4-10 days with 3-6 liters of watering solution per m². For spreading on the soil surface, 30 g/m² for sensitive crops (flowers, lettuce, radish) and 40 g/m² for resistant crops (cucumber, tomato). USE STANDARDS: Flowers and vegetables (cabbage, tomato, cucumber, onion, carrot) 30 g/m². Potatoes (before planting) 30 g/m². Potatoes (15-20 cm long shoots) 7.5 g/m². Beet (before sowing) 30 g/m². Fruit trees, berry bushes 9-12 g/m². Grass 30 g/m². 1 handful = approximately 25 g. 1 kg = 33 m².


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BALTIC AGRO Ammonium Saltpeter+S 4 kg

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