3-color Glue Trap

Glue trap with 3 colors for chemical-free pest control. A product suitable for catching and identifying pests in the garden, greenhouse and room. Different colors attract different pests and the pests stick to the special glue. Yellow: for catching the cherry fly, mourning gnats, hornets, flying aphids, rhododendron cicadas. For monitoring and catching the cherry fly. White: for catching apple weevil, plum weevil, raspberry beetle.


The size of the trap paper can be cut to fit. Comes with a wire sheath wire for hanging the trap. Hang trap paper near all 3 colors of plants to determine which pests have damaged the plants. A part of a glue trap of one color can be hung to monitor a specific pest. Cut the desired length of the glue trap and hanging wire. Recommendation for trees: 42 cm adhesive paper and 60 cm hanging wire. Fold the trap paper over the wire and glue it together with the round sticker on the package. Then hang it on a tree or plant. Grasp the paper covering the glue only at the ends and gently pull the paper to the sides. See the drawing on the packaging. In the room, cut a strip of paper about 6 cm long and put it on the stick and insert the plant pot. You can remove the glue from your hands with alcohol or vegetable oil. Compostable product.


6 m

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Weight 0,138 kg
Dimensions 6,5 × 11,5 × 11,5 cm
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BALTIC AGRO Glue Trap 3-colors for Outdoor and Greenhouse 3 m

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Point of sales

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